Belk College of Business Pass No Credit Suggestion Page

Important Notice for students pursuing the Belk College of Business:

Regarding the Fall 2020 Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Grading policy, the Belk College of Business (BCOB) will not be approving exceptions to pre-requisite requirements (ACCT 2121, ACCT 2122, ECON 2101, ECON 2102, MATH 1120, STAT 1220/1222, INFO 2130 or BUSN 1011). If a student chooses to take a Pass / No Credit letter grade in a business progression course it will not count toward their Belk College of Busines prerequisite for the next course, the ability to declare the Belk College of Busines upper-division, or count against the BCOB two attempts limit. (The previous Spring 2020 attempt rules were slightly different)

Note: December 11, 2020 Grading Amendment

(Includes New “H” Letter Grade for prerequisite courses)

  • Students will be allowed to have the grade of H recorded on transcripts for prerequisite courses in which they earned a C or better. The H grade will signify that they have satisfied progression (prerequisite) requirements. Students in a progression (prerequisite) course should be advised to complete the course for a letter grade. They will then have the option of petitioning for a H/P/N grade after grades are posted and until January 8.

  • This amends the current Academic Policy guiding Pass/No Credit for the 2020-2021 academic year and applies to undergraduate students only.

There are significant differences between the policy exception approved for the Fall 2020 and future semesters relative to the exception that was approved for the previous Spring 2020 semester. Before electing Pass/No Credit for any Belk College of Busines course for Fall 2020, Spring 2021 or Summer 2021, you should read the policy and the FAQ page and Contact your University Transfer Center advisor.

It is particularly important to note that beginning Fall 2020 and future terms, a grade of Pass (P) in a Belk College of Business prerequisite course that requires a grade of C or above will NOT allow you to move forward to the next course. A letter grade of A, B, C (or “H”) is required in all progression courses that serve as prerequisites in the Belk College of Business. The Belk College of Business has announced that Exceptions to prerequisite requirements will NOT be approved.

Contact your University Transfer Center academic advisor if you have any questions or concerns about electing Pass/No Credit for a course in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021. Election of Pass/No Credit grading for a course during this academic year cannot be reversed after the election deadline (December 14 for Fall 2020; future semester deadlines TBA).

Business Progression Courses that require a letter grade of A, B, C, (or H) (within 2 attempts):
ACCT 2121
ACCT 2122
ECON 2101
ECON 2102
MATH 1120
STAT 1220 / STAT 1222 /STAT 1221
INFO 2130
BUSN 1011