Transfer FIT Seminar

Designing Your Academic Experience for Life Success!

This course is designed to connect first-semester transfer students to the Charlotte campus community and establish familiarity with all the campus offers, such as resources, academic support, research opportunities, and career readiness. As transfer students have a shorter time to graduation, the goal of this course is to conceptualize your time at Charlotte, make a plan and get acclimated to campus life.

Topics included in the course:

  • Campus learning management systems (Canvas)
  • Advising & support systems (Connect/Navigate)
  • Academic planning
  • Academic support resources
  • Financial literacy
  • Resume & career preparation
  • Community building
  • Self-reflection

Transfer FIT Course Details:

  • Transfer FIT is an immersive 3-credit hour course. The bulk of the course and its commitments occur during the week prior to the start of the fall semester; giving students an opportunity to spend time on campus a week early. The asynchronous portion of the course begins on the first day of the fall semester and wraps up after the first two weeks of the semester.
    • August 11th – 19th will consist of full days of presentations, community-building activities, and class time.
    • August 20th – September 13th will have asynchronous assignments utilizing the information and resources presented in class during the first week.
    • After September 13th you will only have your other fall course commitments.
  • Students planning to live on campus are able to move in early!
    • Note: You do not need to be living on campus to participate in Transfer FIT!

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